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Women’s History Month Spotlight: Aviation Parts Specialist Enilems Santos Morales

January 10, 2023

Women’s History Month Spotlight: Aviation Parts Specialist Enilems Santos Morales

March is Women’s History Month – a time to celebrate women’s contributions to our nation and communities. It’s also a time to recognize our team members and highlight their stories in the aviation industry and beyond. Today, we introduce Aviation Parts Specialist Enilems Santos Morales. Based in GSP, Enilems moved to South Carolina from Puerto Rico in 2017, right before Hurricane Maria impacted the island.

Enilems said that through hard work, she was able to provide aid for her family’s needs in the following years of uncertainty. She credited her family of talented artisans with whom she’s learned everything, including art, insurance, marketing, and languages, that’s enabled her to thrive in a new environment, personally and professionally.

In honor of Women’s History Month, we talked with Enilems about her role, the importance of women’s representation in the Stores workgroup, and her aviation heroes.

What has been your journey in the aviation industry and PSA?

I started working for PSA Airlines in June of 2022 after looking for a career change. Thankfully, I was helped by GSP Stores Lead Victor Morales in the hiring process, where I got hired to the best team I could ask for. Ever since I started working for PSA, I have truly experienced what teamwork is, working with both Stores and Maintenance. We’re building relationships for a smooth process and positive outcomes. I went from not knowing anything about aviation to loving every little detail about the industry, learning everything I could to improve the operation.

As an Aviation Parts Specialist, what impact do you feel you make as a woman in the aviation industry?

As an Aviation Parts Specialist, breaking that career stereotype that leads women to believe that they do not belong in this industry because of their gender is a huge impact. Working in a building where most of the people are men can be intimidating at first, but as time passes, you will experience the love and respect from those around you. I believe that every female working in this industry impacts the culture, which has had a lack in female role models.

What’s your favorite thing about aviation?

My favorite thing about aviation, for sure, is the people. I am so thankful for those around me. Having a positive work environment makes a big difference. People change people. The way a team works, is the secret to a progressive work culture.

In light of Women’s History Month, who are your heroes or women you admire, and why?

I consider the following women my inspiration: Kallie Kamp, Hyatt Edens, Shannon Simpson, Valeria Clark-Widener, Alegra Graham, and Lisa Henderson. If it wasn’t for them, this industry would not be what I experience every day. Having this lovely group of women to work side by side with helped me understand that you can be a woman and work in an industry dominated by men all around the globe. They all have proven that a woman is completely capable of working in aviation, and I am grateful to have them to look up to.

What advice would you have for women and girls who aspire to be where you are in your career?

Do not let anything intimidate you. The aviation industry is for women as much as it is for men. Focus your energy on what you want with a positive attitude. Everything is possible.

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