Our Leadership

Part of the mission at PSA is our commitment to growing our company where passion is shared, professional excellence is expected, and all people – customers and employees – are valued and respected. We are focused on creating a culture of learning and investing in our employees for the future of PSA. It is important that we continue to grow in our leadership abilities, find ways to work better with one another, become more effective and come together as a team.

President and CEO

Dion Flannery

Senior Vice President of Operations

Reddy Gumireddy

Vice President of Finance

Michael Bruhn

Vice President of Safety & Training Development

Darren Hall

Vice President of Talent Management

Christine Hollanshead

Vice President of Technical Services

Mike Irmen

Vice President of Inflight Operations & Training

Stephen Kingsley

Chief Legal Counsel

Steve Nigh

Vice President of Flight Operations

Keith Stamper

Vice President of Planning & Performance

Kyle Turner

Vice President of Technical Operations

Richard Ugarte