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Volunteer spotlight: ‘Life has so much to offer if we remember to look beyond ourselves

January 9, 2023

Volunteer spotlight: ‘Life has so much to offer if we remember to look beyond ourselves

April is National Volunteer Month and to honor how our remarkable team members give back to the community, we’re highlighting the amazing work of one of our volunteer superstars.

Hallie Morris, an Onboarding Specialist for PSA, logged more than 50 volunteer hours last year through various organizations and as a reward, she qualified for American Airlines’ Do Crew Flight for 50 program, enabling her to donate flight miles to a non-profit of her choice.

We recently asked Hallie what inspires her to give back to the community through volunteering and the organizations she supports.

Q: Why are you passionate about volunteerism?

A: I’m inspired to volunteer because I find it incredibly satisfying to be able to change something in the world or in the lives of others. I especially like volunteering for organizations whose impact hits close to home. Cancer has impacted a lot of my family and friends so I really enjoy being able to make a difference in such a huge way. On a smaller level, I really loved being able to volunteer at 4 Paws for Ability alongside the rest of my recruiting team because of our collective love of dogs. I really liked that any little thing you do there will make a difference, whether it’s shoveling rocks, cleaning dog cages or just socializing with the puppies. I also worked for the Cincinnati Reds and have volunteered with Community Fund since I was in college. I know a lot of people within that organization and enjoy being able to keep in touch and help them out with their youth baseball and softball leagues.

Q: Last year, you logged more than 50 volunteer hours. What organizations did you support?

A: My hours were a combination of volunteering for Bunco 4 Boobies, 4 Paws for Ability and the Cincinnati Reds Community Fund.

Q: You were able to turn your volunteer hours into airline miles and donate to a nonprofit organization through the American Airlines’ Do Crew Flight for 50 program. What organization did you choose for this?

A: I decided to donate my Flights for 50 Certificate to an organization called Bunco 4 Boobies, which is a non-profit that works annually to raise money for area women battling breast cancer and support the Cancer Association of Darke County, which offers support to patients with all forms of cancer.

Q: Why did you choose to donate your Flights for 50 to Bunco 4 Boobies?

A: I chose to donate to Bunco 4 Boobies because the organization started in my hometown (Arcanum, OH) and one of the members of the board is a close family friend who is a breast cancer survivor. My little brother was diagnosed with cancer a little more than four years ago and this organization played a part in his recovery by helping to raise and donate money to pay for some of his medical bills as well as keeping his spirits up by sending gift baskets to the hospital. I’m happy to have been able to say thank you with this donation after all they have done for my family.

Q: What is your favorite part about volunteering?

A: My favorite part about volunteering is being able to see how many lives are actually impacted by an organization that I spend my free time helping. I love being able to give back with such fun and unique opportunities. Life has so much to offer if we remember to look beyond ourselves. [JA1] [SM2] Also, who doesn’t love to help puppies like the ones at 4 Paws for Ability?

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