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The PSA Way: Flight Attendants credit Hispanic heritage for special bond that brings customers joy

January 10, 2023

The PSA Way: Flight Attendants credit Hispanic heritage for special bond that brings customers joy

We are in the business of bringing people together and impacting our customers’ lives in a positive manner. When our team members have a unique connection, like two of our Flight Attendants Alejandra Ramos-Berrios and Kashleen Abreu do, it brings a special experience to our customers.

“Anyone who sees us always gets a little spark in their eyes and describe us as “double trouble” with a sweet intention, knowing that whoever is on a trip with us, will have a fair share of great conversations and loud laughs even at a 4:50 a.m. report time,” said Alejandra. “No matter what time of day, we are very exuberant, which represents our culture.”

Kashleen was born in New Jersey, but her family is from the Dominican Republic, so she was raised both in the United States and there. Alejandra was born and raised in Puerto Rico. Each have been with PSA more than two years.

Both Flight Attendants credit their Hispanic heritage with giving them a special connection and an energy that impacts others in a positive manner.

“The bond Kashleen and I share at work and outside of work is unmatched,” said Alejandra, who noted that some people think they are related because of their similar accents, demeanors, our quirks, our smiles and our bold choice of expression.

Alejandra said their heritage lends them to treat customers like friends and family.

“In general, the Latin culture, regardless of the region, has a unique way of presenting ourselves and showing our hospitality,” she said. “We like to treat everyone with the upmost respect, a smile and friendly greetings.”

Recently, the two were paired on a four-day trip and said it felt like they were able to squeeze in years’ worth of memories and fun times.

“I am very proud to have met a friend who has the same work ethic and that represents the Latin culture in aviation, especially within our small company,” said Alejandra. “Our chemistry and energy while inflight is beyond comprehension and it makes our customers’ experience more enjoyable because they feel much more at ease and comfortable with us.”

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