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Technology Developments Impact PSA

June 13, 2017

Technology Developments Impact PSA

Mobility and Cloud Delivery is transforming the airline industry. PSA is bringing mobile technology to our approximately 2,500 pilots, flight attendants and mechanics. PSA recently deployed iPads to pilots for electronic charts and manuals. Technology enhancements don’t stop there. Flight attendants are in the early stages of adopting a cashless cabin with the rollout of Samsung tablets. In addition, a project is underway to migrate maintenance and engineering to a web-based system.

Within 18 month, 85 percent of PSA’s employees will be working from a mobile device or utilize a mobile-enabled platform. These early initiatives are the first step in a multi-year mobility initiative.

Adopting mobile options doesn’t have to be expensive or complex. PSA recently launched a private Twitter for crew members to follow the Operations Control Center (OCC). This tool allows crew members to follow the latest operational news from the OCC’s Dispatch and Crew Scheduling groups from their mobile device while in an airport or boarding a plane.

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