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Surprise Flash Mob: A Director’s Dream Come True

January 9, 2023

Surprise Flash Mob: A Director’s Dream Come True

Our PSA team members really know how to gift happiness!

While celebrating FA Valarie Butler’s Rise Up award, the Inflight Service team put on quite the show during the Summit’s newly added segment, American’s Got Talent. After an Inflight Supervisor showed off his dancing abilities at the Summit earlier this year, Debra White (Assistant Director of Inflight Services) sprung into action to create this special moment.

Along with the rest of the group, Deb Hoke (Director of Inflight Services) was enthusiastically performing the routine. But, about midway through the group’s performance (and to Deb Hoke’s surprise!), more team members joined in to create the “flash mob”.

The staged, spur-of-the-moment dancing was not only a hit for Deb Hoke but to everyone else in attendance. This performance landed the PSA team first place as all-around winners for their dance moves!

Reflecting on this once-in-a-lifetime experience, Deb Hoke shared more about her love for flash mobs and why PSA would be the perfect place to house one.

“I’ve always enjoyed seeing them when featured on the news or Internet,” said Hoke. “They make me smile and make the audience smile. It’s a feel-good thing for everyone. And I know we have so much talent amongst our team members that few recognize. And, that’s what I saw Tuesday night. Everyone came together, enjoyed participating as a team, celebrated each other, and elevated the experience for all.”



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