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Stories of the Heart – Danny Capozello, Jr. – Support through Mended Hearts

January 9, 2023

Stories of the Heart – Danny Capozello, Jr. – Support through Mended Hearts

After suffering from a coronary incident in November 2014 and graduating cardiac rehab, Danny Capozello, Jr., an IT senior manager for enterprise programs for PSA, joined a group that helped him recover and drives a desire to be there for others.

Mended Hearts, a national support group for individuals suffering from heart disease and damage, provides encouragement to members and families of those affected by heart disease. The organization also offers a program for the families of children born with congenital heart defects called Mended Little Hearts. Chapters are located throughout the country for both organizations.

“The support I received from this all-volunteer group is immeasurable,” said Danny.” It has allowed me to have a glimpse into the future of what it looks and feels like living with heart damage and disease. I would highly recommend anyone with heart issues or that has family members affected by heart issues to join this support group and participate in any way.”

Additionally, Danny said the American Heart Association provided him with patient guidance as he navigated his way through the post-heart incident maze and feels they also contributed to his successful recovery.

Danny is passionate about helping the heart disease community and wants to encourage others. Two key takeaways he shares:
• Someone in the household should be CPR trained certified
• If you feel differently than you ever have before, seek medical attention

For additional information about Mended Hearts, go to, and the American Heart Association at


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