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Stories of Honor: Zachary Meighen, Marine Corps

January 10, 2023

Stories of Honor: Zachary Meighen, Marine Corps

November is National Veterans and Military Families Month, a time for our nation to pay homage to the unrelenting bravery and dedication of all who wear the uniform and to the unwavering love and support of all who serve alongside them.

As a salute to our military veterans and their families at PSA, we are sharing stories of Stories of Honor throughout the month. In our first installment, we recognize Zachary Meighen, Supervisor of Maintenance Technical Training, who shares how his Marine Corps experience prepared him for PSA.

“I spent five years in the United States Marine Corps as a CH-53E Super Stallion Crew Chief, Mechanic and Instructor. During my time there, I learned many skills that helped lead me to where I am today, from leadership to the importance of empathy. The Marine Corps was wildly important to my development as an adult and even introduced me to my passion for instructing. Seeing students actively engaged with learning and genuinely interested in the material sparked my career path to PSA’s Maintenance Training Department. I take great pride in the work we are doing to improve the overall learning at PSA. I plan to do my part to ensure continuous improvement is achieved in our department and company-wide.”

If you are a military veteran and would like to be included in our Stories of Honor features, share your photo, title, military branch, years of service, and story to

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