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Sharing Their Story of Life and Love

January 9, 2023

Sharing Their Story of Life and Love

PSA is proud to cultivate a diverse and inclusive team. As part of National Pride Month, we asked employees active in the LGBTQ+ community to share their stories. Flight Attendant Bobby Burns and his partner Cole tell how love from their parents has paved the way for how to treat each other. Here is their story:

Of the many sacrifices made over a lifetime, none are more precious than the ones parents make for their children. As children, we didn’t always realize the sacrifices and hardships our parents endured to protect us and our well-being. These sacrifices included everything from financial gain to social presences, but even down to the slightest compromise, any amount that a parent gives up for their children is invaluable.

As the years go on and we mature, we learn the truth from our parents. We realize that the countless band and choir concerts, sporting events, and theatrical productions that they attended can never be repaid. We also realize that these sacrifices are not loans; they are gifts, and they are instantly reciprocated when our excitement and our parents’ pride rise to greater levels with every event.

For as invaluable as a sacrifice can be, its consequence can be even more significant.

We both thank our parents for how we treat one another as partners. Our parents have been infallible positive influences while we’ve grown. We have learned much from them over the years, including how to solve problems, balance check books, and “stick it out” when times get tough. Few things, however, are quite as lasting as a well-spoken word of advice. In particular, we tend to reflect on one afternoon when Cole’s mother, Jackie, said, “The moment you make a decision that benefits yourself before your union is the moment your union is broken.”

It’s not hard to see how a parent’s sacrifice is repaid by the pride they feel when they see their child achieving goals and making lifelong memories. Having a partner is no different. Relationships work best not when immediate personal benefit is pursued, but when each individual can look beyond the initial sacrifice to see the ultimate joy, comfort and pride of being in a union that enhances both lives at once.

Life is full of unforeseen complications and sacrifices, but one thing is certain: your union will always be your repayment.

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