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PSA’s Cadet Partner School List Continues to Grow

May 18, 2017

PSA’s Cadet Partner School List Continues to Grow

PSA Airlines has signed partnership agreements with two more schools as it makes a bid to hire 1,000 people in short order.The airline announced Thursday partnerships with Purdue University, as well as Liberty University, aimed at helping their students come aboard as pilots. As the fastest-growing regional and a wholly owned subsidiary of American Airlines, PSA is on track to see both its fleet and workforce triple. The Cadet Program at PSA Airlines, allows pilots from partner schools who accept employment from PSA to receive a $16,520 signing bonus.

“Pledging mentorship helps ensure the Cadets are successful along the way, including when they go through the PSA training program,” PSA said in a statement. “Through this program, the engagement with students early on allows PSA to mentor and guide the next generation of its pilots.”

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