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PSA to Open New Maintenance Base in CVG

August 15, 2015

PSA to Open New Maintenance Base in CVG

PSA Airlines prepares to open a new, full service Maintenance Base in CVG later this year.

With PSA’s expanding fleet, the need for additional aircraft maintenance locations has once again necessitated the addition of another full service Maintenance Base to PSA’s footprint.

Up until recently, PSA has been utilizing a third party vendor at the CVG airport, to supplement the maintenance being performed at its own facilities.

“Having our own Maintenance Base at CVG will significantly enhance our ability to, more efficiently, support the maintenance requirements for the rapidly growing fleet of large RJ aircraft,” says Vice President of Maintenance and Engineering Kevin Reinhalter. “It has been the intention, and desire, to carry out this work with our own staff of professionals. That time has come with the acquisition of a substantial facility at CVG. This facility can simultaneously accommodate up to five CRJ-900 aircraft and will be capable of supporting the level of maintenance presently being accomplished at our DAY, CAK, and CLT Maintenance Bases. Furthermore, we are excited about the very bright future this holds for our employees and our operation.”

Consequentially, PSA is seeking maintenance professionals in CVG to fill Airframe & Powerplant (A&P) Maintenance Technician, Stores Clerk, Supervisor, and Managerial positions. Find out more about these positions at

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