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PSA Starts Maintenix Implementation Promptly

August 2, 2017

PSA Starts Maintenix Implementation Promptly

At the recent MRO Americas conference, American Airlines said it would stick with and continue to adapt its legacy maintenance software.

But American’s regional subsidiary, PSA Airlines, is moving to a new system, IFS’s Maintenix, to manage its maintenance operation. This PSA fleet is expected to grow to 150 Bombardier CRJs.

Gary Pratt, vice president of maintenance & engineering, says PSA chose Maintenix because it is the right solution, capable of meeting the carrier’s needs for a modern, flexible, and user-friendly approach to maintenance management and compliance control. Nevertheless, “moving from Merlin to this new web-based platform will be the largest maintenance technology investment in PSA’s history,” Pratt says. “PSA is also the first American Airlines wholly-owned carrier to embark on such a critical endeavor.”

Maintenix announced it would support PSA in April, 2017, shortly after it was acquired by IFS. 2. Pratt says implementation of the new system began promptly in the first quarter of 2017.

The maintenance exec expects implementation to take about 20 months and says “nearly 600 employees will be using the system by the end of 2018.”

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