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PSA Mechanic Featured on CNBC’s ‘On the Job’ Series

January 10, 2023

PSA Mechanic Featured on CNBC’s ‘On the Job’ Series

CNBC recently caught up with Charlotte-based mechanic, Erin Martin, in an interview full of questions about her life, her background, her current role with PSA and her future career aspirations. The 24-year-old military veteran, who worked on helicopters in the Marine Corps, came to PSA in 2019 through the Military Transition Program we offered at the time.

Erin talked about her passion for working on car maintenance with her dad as a kid, but wanting something more, so she enlisted. She discussed her experience working on C-53 helicopters, the largest in the Marines. She also explains what it’s like working as a mechanic for PSA and how her job fits her current lifestyle.

Learn more about Erin through the feature on CNBC here.

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