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PSA Leaders Met For Second Annual Leadership Meeting

January 19, 2018

PSA Leaders Met For Second Annual Leadership Meeting

The PSA Leadership team, including managers, directors and vice presidents met earlier this week for the second Annual PSA Leadership Meeting.

With a focus on the well-being of our employees, leaders had the opportunity to begin the day with stress-relief activities including guided meditation and massage. The highlight of the morning was a special visit from therapy puppies represented by 4 Paws for Ability. The puppies are currently in training to be service dogs for children with disabilities and offered the team a chance to decompress before kicking off the agenda.

The team kicked off the meeting by celebrating successes of 2017, recognizing important milestones and accomplishments. The focus on the strategy for 2018 was a key component and President, Dion Flannery introduced a new vision statement for the company.

“Our vision statement will help guide us every day and will help us make decisions about what is most important,” said Flannery.

People and performance are at the heart of the 2018 strategy. As an organization, PSA will continue to develop leaders and build programs to promote a culture of safety and performance. Giving back to the communities, where we live and work, is another big part of the PSA culture. Our Leadership team took that to heart and participated in a bike build to benefit local children in need.

The meeting ended with an open question and answer forum with PSA’s entire Executive Leadership Team.

At a time of tremendous growth, the PSA leaders took time to focus on what is most important, which is celebrating successes and focusing on a strong future that’s centered on people and performance.

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