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PSA and ALPA Reach an Agreement for Industry-Changing Compensation for Pilots

June 16, 2022

PSA and ALPA Reach an Agreement for Industry-Changing Compensation for Pilots

DAYTON, Ohio – PSA Airlines, a wholly owned subsidiary of American Airlines Group, Inc., aims to become the regional airline of choice for all pilots. The Company announced that it is supporting these efforts by greatly enhancing pilots’ long-term career trajectory and quality of life.

Together, the Company and the Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA) reached an agreement to greatly enhance pilot pay structure, adding incomparable value to pilots’ compensation, standard of living, and career progression. This agreement will transform the compensation landscape for the regional industry, putting multiple, groundbreaking enhancements in place to address pilot attrition and strengthen the American Airlines network.

This revolutionary compensation package will make PSA’s pilot group the highest paid in the regional airline industry. With an added supportability premium, pilots will earn a 50-70% higher (57% on average) wage than the next highest-paid regional carrier, Endeavor. With this total compensation package, including bonuses, pilots can now expect to earn 10% more over the next five years than their peers at leading LCCs, ULCCs, and cargo carriers.

Training is also prioritized with a compensation structure that richly rewards a career in pilot instruction. Line Check Airmen will receive a 200% pay credit, and full-time Simulator Instructors, Proficiency Check Airmen, and Aircrew Program Designees will also see a significantly increased pay credit. To further show appreciation to team members who have chosen a career of investing in and training others, all Line Check Airmen, Proficiency Check Airmen, and Aircraft Program Designees will automatically move to PSA’s highest pay rate to at the end of their fifth year of service.

PSA commits to providing the best path for pilots to launch and continue a career within the American Airlines Group. The new compensation plan includes an enhanced flow structure that matches PSA’s wholly owned peers and provides a clear path for pilots to transition to mainline American within five years. To support this commitment, PSA will compensate any eligible pilot who is not offered a position at American by the end of their fifth year of service at the top of the Captain pay scale.

In addition to greatly enhanced pay and guaranteed career progression, pilots can look forward to multiple quality of life improvements including additional days off, 100% deadhead pay, premium days, a preferential bidding system, and more.

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