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PSA Airlines Moves in New, Expanded Operations Control Center

March 10, 2015

PSA Airlines Moves in New, Expanded Operations Control Center

PSA Airlines moved into their newly built Operations Control Center mid-February in the airline’s headquarters of Vandalia, Ohio.

The previous OCC was located in the attached office space of PSA’s DAY maintenance hangar. The new OCC is attached to the East side of the current Mark J. Zweidinger Professional Learning Center, at the Dayton International Airport.

PSA began the development phase with a ceremonial ground breaking on July 22nd of last year. Construction began immediately and continued throughout the winter season. PSA’s crew scheduling, dispatch, maintenance control, and other operations personnel took part in the move from the old to the new OCC the week of February 14th of this year.

PSA’s current and anticipated growth had necessitated the development of the additional facility. With 79 additional aircraft being inducted into PSA’s fleet over the next couple years, the additional space is essential with the increase in flights and necessary planning. The new OCC’s seating structure was developed with the interaction of the work groups in mind. OCC Coordinators, Maintenance Control Supervisors, and Crew Scheduling Coordinators & Supervisor inhabit the raised area while Dispatchers, Maintenance Controllers, and Crew Schedulers are all located on the control center floor in the vicinity of their Coordinators.

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