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PSA Airlines Introduces Tiered Premium Pay Program for Pilots

January 25, 2019

PSA Airlines Introduces Tiered Premium Pay Program for Pilots

New pay structure allows pilots to take control of their pay, based on how many hours they fly.

PSA Airlines announced key changes to its pilot pay program that provides pilots with the opportunity to earn a portion of premium pay, even if only flying their line as originally awarded. The new pay system is a productivity-based system which recognizes and rewards those pilots who show up and work to make PSA Airlines the most reliable airline for our customers.  Any pilot who has a line credit value above 75 hours at the end of the month is guaranteed some amount of premium pay.

“Our new premium pay program represents a true departure from the rest of the regional airline industry methodology regarding pilot pay and sets up our team members and the company in a positive way” said Keith Stamper – Vice President of Air Operations. “This agreement has great benefits for our pilots, who now have the opportunity to take control of the amount of premium pay they receive, while also improving the current pay processes for our organization.”

PSA worked in close collaboration with the Airline Pilots Association International to reach this mutually beneficial agreement for PSA and its represented pilots. The new pay system will take effect in April. For more information on becoming a PSA pilot, visit

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