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PSA Airlines Enhances it’s Cadet Program Benefits

May 3, 2019

PSA Airlines Enhances it’s Cadet Program Benefits

PSA Airlines is excited to announce an additional $7,500 in flight training assistance for Cadets that commit to PSA at the Senior Cadet Level. This exciting enhancement brings our total benefit package for Cadets to $25,500.

PSA Airlines was among the first regional carriers to launch an industry-leading Cadet Program to help the most promising future pilots make a smooth transition from the classroom at top colleges, universities and flight schools to the cockpit. The program offers various levels of support as the Cadet’s certifications, training and experience evolves, including tuition reimbursement. Mentorships and internships with airline industry experts can begin as early as a Cadet’s freshman year. Pledging mentorship helps ensure the Cadets are successful along the way, including when they go through the PSA training program.

For more information about our Cadet Program, program qualifications and our partnered schools visit,…

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