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National Parents’ Day 2020: Parents Play a Role in Pilots’ Success

January 10, 2023

National Parents’ Day 2020: Parents Play a Role in Pilots’ Success

Ryan DiAntonio has the unique opportunity to work at the same company as his father, Paul, a Captain for PSA.

“My dad had a big influence on who I am today. He instilled many of his beliefs and values in me as I grew up. He is one of my go-to sources for advice. As for aviation, he never forced me into flying. Flying was something I always had a slight interest in. In high school, he asked me if I wanted to go on a charter flight with him. I jumped at the opportunity. After the flight with him, I was hooked on flying. He was able to guide me in the right direction on how to get my ratings and how to make a career out of it. It’s an awesome experience to be able to fly with my dad here at PSA. It’s not something we had planned on, but we’re lucky to have the opportunity.”

From Paul’s perspective, he believes a parent should their children to many occupations, not just their own. That way, through guidance, support and encouragement, a child will know they are making the correct choice for themselves, he said.

Will Rice, who has been with PSA for almost a year, said he grew up around aviation being around the military, airlines and attending air shows. His father, a A350 Captain at Delta and a retired Lt. Col in the Marines, played a big part in influencing a career in aviation. “I first knew I wanted to fly when I was four years old when my dad took me on my first flight in a Cessna 172.” Throughout his life, Will’s father would continue to guide him in his career path, taking him to KHKY to start his flight training at the same airport and age as his father and grandfather. He was also an influence in guiding him to Embry-Riddle and joining the Air National Guard in North Carolina. Will credited his mother in motivating him to study and finish school in three and a half years, while also encouraging him to also explore options with the Guard. (My accomplishments) would not have been possible without their support.

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