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Mother’s Day Spotlight: Jen and Michelle McClure

May 10, 2024

Mother’s Day Spotlight: Jen and Michelle McClure

In honor of Mother’s Day on Sunday, May 12, PSA would like to extend a special thanks to all mothers and mother figures. For this occasion, we are proud to spotlight Jen McClure, a Crew Scheduling Trainer, and her mother, Michelle McClure, a Crew Pay Auditor, a mother-daughter duo who share a deep passion for aviation. 

What was your journey to aviation and PSA? 

Jen: Aviation runs deep in our family’s veins. My father’s Air Force career took my parents all over the map, from Germany to eventually settling at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. Even after his service ended, our passion for exploration only grew stronger. We have embarked on countless adventures, both independently and as a family. 



Jen: Working for the same company is really special for us. Even though we are in different buildings at the Dayton campus, we make sure to grab breaks together whenever we can, especially when the weather is nice. Taking walks around the campus or up to the terminal is a great way for us to catch up and take a breather from work. 

Plus, having flight benefits means we get to go on awesome adventures and visit family in Brazil quite often. It is not just about being coworkers; it is about making memories and bringing our family closer together, both at work and on our travels. 

In honor of Mother’s Day, what about the holiday do you cherish the most? 

Jen and Michelle: Mother’s Day is such a heartwarming time for our family. It is all about coming together to celebrate the amazing woman who has been the rock of our lives, showering us with love and strength. We really take the day to appreciate all she does for us, from the big sacrifices to the small acts of kindness. Spending time with her is the best part, whether we are doing her favorite things, grabbing a bite at her top spots, or just chilling out together. Our Mother’s Day is all about love, laughter, and making memories that we will treasure forever. 

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