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Meet Our Inclusion Council: Damian Turner

January 10, 2023

Meet Our Inclusion Council: Damian Turner

Meet Damian Turner, Crew Scheduler and one of PSA’s newest Inclusion Council members. Learn more about how Damian’s involvement in his fraternity helped to create new connections within PSA.

If you’ll recall, during the most recent Inclusion Council meeting, you and Steve (PSA Director of Diversity, Equity & Incl,) shared an exchange where you both recognized that the other is also a part of the same fraternity. What did that moment of discovery meant to you?

Being selected for the inclusion council and finding out that the head Steven Jarrett is a brother of Kappa Alpha Psi like myself, exemplifies what our Fraternity stands for, Achievement in Every Field of Human Endeavor. Not only [is there] a sense of personal accomplishment for making the council, but also a sense of pride filled me as soon as I found out that the leadership is represented by a brother of mine. That is what the idea of Fraternity is truly about. Connecting with people in positions of authority and making the world smaller through the commonality of attending an HBCU, being fraternity brothers, along with being African American, affirms the fact that the decisions to be a member of all of these institutions is the right one.

Tell us about your school and what it meant for you to attend?

Central State University Is Ohio’s only public HBCU. Being a graduate of the University is more like being a member of an extended family from which you’ve developed lifelong bonds and relationships with. A network that expands the globe and extends into a commonality with all other HBCU graduates.

What is your biggest goal for the Inclusion Council?

The biggest goal for the IC I have is to make an impact that affects or dictates real change and not just be a member of an organization that doesn’t just exist for face value. Also, I want to use this to gain experience in this area because I ultimately want to retire as the leader of this field with PSA or American Airlines.

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