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Margaret Soda Named Top 15 Business Women in Ohio

May 17, 2018

Margaret Soda Named Top 15 Business Women in Ohio

PSA Airlines is proud to recognize Margaret Soda, Vice President of Human Resources for her selection as one of the 2018 Top 15 Business Women in Ohio. This prestigious honor given by the National Diversity Council is to recognize fierce females motivating change.

This Top 15 Business Women in Ohio list is comprised of executives and influencers in a variety of industries throughout the state. Recipients have proven to drive change, innovatation and inspire others to succeed, while contributing to business growth and the strategic direction of their organization.

Soda, who has 15 years of experience in the industry, describes herself as a difference-maker and has a unique courage to stand alone when necessary and the courage to unite in the face of challenge.

“I’m passionate about the ability to make an impact, about creating programs that create opportunities for all,” said Soda. “Throughout my entire life, I’ve focused on doing what’s right and that means being willing to challenge the status quo.”

Margaret received the honor at the Ohio Women’s Conference held in Cincinnati earlier this month.

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