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January 10, 2023

Gwen Terry: Overnights Full of Culture

For a large portion of our team members, traveling is a big part of their job. Flight Attendant and Inclusion Council member Gwen Terry (CLT) takes it a step further though when her workday takes her to different cities across the country.

PSA’s Internal Communications Specialist, Maggie Short, was able to speak with Gwen about how she intentionally creates cultural experiences on her overnights. Read more about Gwen’s story below.

As a woman of African descent in aviation, I get to celebrate Black History all year long. Each week, I’m able to experience different cities and experience both the joy and pain of my rich history.

I’ve often asked passengers about their final destinations and many have shared their mission to visit some of the country’s most beloved historical civil rights museums. This creates an instant bond as we converse about the ability to see and observe our incredible history that many of us only read about in books. Being able to travel is like bringing those books to life and no matter what we encounter, there’s joy in knowing that other people are interested in my history as well.

In 2016, I happened to have an overnight in Birmingham, AL, where there was the Annual Reunion of the Negro League Baseball Players and the players, were staying in our hotel. This was one of the most surreal experiences of my life because I grew up during an era where anytime a man of color played a sport, my parents would take us on the road or sit us in front of the television to watch. In front of me stood my Super Heroes of Sports. The Negro League Baseball Museum was built in late 2017 and is the only museum of its kind that has “living legends” working. I have shared that story with several passengers, adults and children alike, who have an interest in baseball and now they want to visit the museum to get a glimpse of the rich history so unique to my culture. The same was true when I met an original Harlem Globetrotter in Savannah and visited the Muhammad Ali Center in Louisville.

Being at PSA has opened up a world of opportunities for me and my family to experience across the globe. Aviation brings us together and allows us to connect, regardless of our backgrounds. I’ve realized how much we all have in common, rather than what separates us. I am grateful that the world seems a little smaller now that I have the opportunity to connect with so many people from around the world.

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