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From Cadet to First Officer, Ted Fosselman credits the program for his success

January 10, 2023

From Cadet to First Officer, Ted Fosselman credits the program for his success

In late July, Theodore (Ted) Fosselman finished his initial operating experience training and gained the necessary sign-offs to become a First Officer for PSA. It marked the completion of a journey that began in 2016 when Ted joined the PSA Cadet Program. Next to Ted in the cockpit was his mentor, Captain Daris Towson, the Line Check Airman who was conducting the line check and signing off on his qualification.

Ted, who attended the University of North Dakota, praised the Cadet Program for his development and training.

“The program has been amazing,” said Ted, who was honored as a Distinguished Cadet by American Airlines. “It’s the best pathway. I knew I’d be ready when I got here (to PSA).”

The Cadet Program was established in 2016 as a direct pipeline for student pilots to become PSA pilots. A benefit of the program that Ted said helped him tremendously was the mentorship from numerous current PSA pilots, including Daris.

Ted said Daris was crucial in helping him prepare for his interview to become a Senior Cadet.

“It was the final interview to basically becoming an American Airlines pilot,” said Ted, referring to the flow program for PSA pilots to go to mainline. “I could ask him questions at any time. He was always available to call.”

“Getting through flight training is a long road full of ups and downs that requires commitment and perseverance,” said Daris. “I’ve watched and played a small role in Ted’s transformation and growth from student into professional pilot. I was happy to share in Ted’s success. After spending years as his mentor, having the privilege to conduct Ted’s First Officer IOE was a unique and personally rewarding experience.”

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