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Flight Attendant Amy Miller Earns the Real American Hero Award

January 10, 2023

Flight Attendant Amy Miller Earns the Real American Hero Award

On Monday, Dec. 12, Flight Attendant Amy Miller was working a flight From PHL to GSP. Amy was working the aft position as passengers began boarding the flight. As she was filling out the passenger count form, she noticed a mother with a child in her arms quickly jump up. Amy then noticed the child was gasping for air and struggling to breathe, possibly choking. The mother was quite frantic. Amy immediately jumped into action and ran to the row where they were seated.

“I knew something had to be done quickly,” said Amy. “I asked the mother if I could have the child, I turned the male over on my arm, head pointing downward, and gave him five firm back blows. I was about to turn the child over and start finger chest compressions when the child spit out a mouthful of goldfish crackers and started to cry.”

Amy quickly notified Kristen Davis (FA), Frisco Cruz (CA) and Cory Aviles (FO) about the incident and medical personnel was called. Amy remained with the family to make sure they did not need any further assistance until the medical personnel arrived. The paramedics felt the child was stabilized and safe for the family to continue to GSP. The flight continued with no further problems.

“While I do have years of medical experience, I believe my flight attendant training through PSA kicked in and I just took over,” she said. “We are taught to be observant; quickly evaluate a situation and react accordingly. Through the use of each of our CRM skills, the entire crew can be proud of how we handled this life-threatening situation. I am grateful to have been given the training and resources to effectively perform my duties as a PSA Flight Attendant.”

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