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Do Crew Champions: Volunteers Across the Network

January 10, 2023

Do Crew Champions: Volunteers Across the Network

To wrap up Volunteer Month, we’re honoring PSA team members who have logged the most hours of volunteer time through American’s Do Crew platform, helping various organizations across the country to make other people’s lives and our communities better. We asked about their favorite organizations and what motivates them to volunteer.

Shawn McCoy, Maintenance Control Duty Manager

Your favorite volunteer activity or organization: I’ve volunteered as a fireman for 27 years, starting as a junior fireman when I was 16 in Indiana, then becoming an Ohio firefighter when I moved. I’m currently a lieutenant for the St. Henry Volunteer Fire Department. I also volunteer for the St. Henry EMS.

What do you like most about your volunteer work: I started with the volunteer fire department to do my part in a small rural community. As time went on, I realized I also enjoy the challenge and camaraderie. Currently, I oversee a group of firemen at the fire scene and provide needed training. Fourteen years ago, I wanted to do more, so I started my Emergency Medical Training classes and started running with the EMS. My wife and I have four young children and they know that I have to leave when they hear the pager reporting the call. Depending on the time of day, my kids are waiting by the door for me to get home from “helping people.” We all need to help one time or another and I enjoy being there for others when the help is needed.

Deborah Nisonger, Technical Publications Specialist

Your favorite volunteer activity or organization: I do most of my volunteer work as a member of the Fort Greenville Chapter, National Society Daughters of the American Revolution, an organization dedicated to historical preservation, education and encouragement of patriotic endeavor in our local communities. I also serve on committees focusing on conservation and military, such as the Wreaths Across America program at Greenville Union Cemetery in Greenville, Ohio and the Friends of the Greenville City Parks.

Why you like most about your volunteer work: Every volunteering activity I do has a special place in my heart, but one that stands out is the Dayton Honor Flight. Besides going on a flight to Washington, D.C. as a chaperone through a PSA sponsorship, I enjoy working the ticket counter with my granddaughters. It is a rewarding feeling to give back to my community.

Robin Coombs, Inflight Supervisor, TYS

Your favorite volunteer activity or organization: I volunteer as a respite provider for Smokey Mountain Service Dogs, which focuses on assuring improved quality of life for wounded veterans. As a respite provider, I offer a home for temporary relief to puppy raisers for adolescent dogs in the kennel and to long-term fosters of adolescent dogs who have planned vacations or emergencies. Respite providers also offer weekend stays to relieve SMSD kennel staff or when a dog needs a temporary home while awaiting adoption and help to socialize and train the dogs with verbal and hand commands.

What do you like most about your volunteer work: There are two key things I enjoy about being a respite provider. First, I love spending time with the dogs. Secondly, for generations, I have had family members serve in the U.S. Air Force. My son, Sean, is currently serving. This is my way of giving back to those who have given so much to defend our freedoms as U.S. citizens.

Patty Larrick, Air Ops Curriculum Developer

Your favorite volunteer activity or organization: My favorite was working the food pantry for First Heavy Metal Church of Christ and helping with a tornado pantry to assist those affected by the devastating tornadoes that struck in Harrison Township, Ohio, last May.

What you like most about your volunteer work: I like helping people that need help and giving them a reason to smile. You might be the only kindness they see. In my experience last year, everyone was so appreciative and I got the opportunity to meet a lot of wonderful people. Sometimes we cried together, but most of the time we smiledWorking with an outreach church is a great way to help the community and bring people closer to God.

Daniel Brigante, First Officer, DCA

Your favorite volunteer activity or organization: Working for the United Service Organizations (USO) in the airport lounge in Cincinnati.

What you like most about your volunteer work: I enjoy interacting with and supporting active duty, reserve and retired members of the military and their families. Getting to meet these people and hear their stories is not only fascinating, but also humbling. They give a lot for our country and it is important that they know we appreciate their sacrifice.

Michelle Carmen-Brown, Flight Attendant, PHL

Your favorite volunteer activity or organization: “It’s Cool to Fly American” was my favorite, but I also enjoyed volunteering at the Something mAAgic departure celebration.

What you like most about your volunteer work: I volunteer because I believe that we are all connected. We should faithfully love one another and share happiness, education and assist during good and bad times, especially now as we are all living through this pandemic.

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