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Dispatcher Driven to Help Other Women Achieve Aviation Goals

January 10, 2023

Dispatcher Driven to Help Other Women Achieve Aviation Goals

Drawn to the skies from the time when she was a toddler when her parents were taking flying lessons, Dispatcher Kris Morisen is working on achieving her own flying dreams, while also helping other women reach theirs.

In 2016, Kris became a private pilot and as a way of connecting with other female pilots, she created a Facebook page called Ladies in Flight Training. In just a couple of years, that page developed into a non-profit organization designed as a support system for pilots of all levels.

“I created the page because I saw so few women in aviation, as well as having my own struggles with flight training, confidence in my abilities, and knowing there weren’t a lot of women I could go to,” said Kris.

It’s this kind of drive and care that exemplifies The PSA Way. Kris saw a need to create a community and a way for less-experienced pilots to gain confidence through receiving mentoring and guidance. The group’s range spans from student pilots who are just starting to retired airline pilots who serve as mentors. There are a number of PSA pilots who belong to the group. Kris said this setting allows women a safe place to talk about their struggles, discuss issues only females may face, and get encouragement when they feel like they just can’t do it.

The organization has been raising money through sales of items with their logo and annual calendars to offer flight scholarships and this year, they are planning to host their first virtual educational conference.

When asked who inspired her to pursue her aviation career, Kris said her parents and after getting her private pilot certificate, a 747 Captain for UPS suggested getting my dispatcher certificate to help pay for my pilot ratings. Kris also credits PSA pilots in helping inspire her through continuous advice, namely Captain Charity Parchment, Captain Shannon Ferry, Captain Nancy Paquette, Captain Kate Bernard, and First Officer Dominique Leonard-Curry.

Kris wants to show future generations of girls they can do anything they want to do.

“As someone who’s been a ‘trailblazer’ all my life, I’m keenly aware of my role in getting more girls into aviation and other technology and science fields,” said Kris. “I started out my working career as a Geologist, even earned a Master’s degree in the field, specializing in Tectonics and Structural Geology. I’ve been the first female firefighter with a volunteer fire department on Long Island and now, I’m one of the 7% of certificated women pilots in the U.S.”

Kris, who has been with PSA for four years, is working toward her instrument rating, as well as commercial pilot certificate.

“I love flying and the freedom of being able to see the world from a perspective most people never get to see,” she said.

With Kris’ drive and care, other females will get the opportunity to experience the same.

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