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Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month with Pablo Lazu

January 10, 2023

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month with Pablo Lazu

Ever since he was a child, Pablo Lazu wanted to be in aviation. “My parents would take me to the air show every year. I was fascinated by airplanes,” he said.

That fascination turned into a career. “I figured the closest I could get to a plane was to work at an airport and next thing you know, I was a ramp agent.” Pablo moved into a ramp lead role while at CLE (Cleveland) and then became a ramp supervisor at CMH (Columbus) before joining PSA in Dayton about a year ago.

Currently a lead mechanic, Pablo’s family and upbringing helped set the stage for his success. As we recognize National Hispanic Heritage Month, Pablo talked about what it meant to be raised in inner-city Cleveland by a mother who grew up in a small Puerto Rican town and his stepfather. Pablo said while growing up, he felt motivated by his Hispanic background and especially the drive to be the first in his family (besides his stepfather) to get a college education. “Being the first Lazu made my success much more awarding, but I also think that’s why my mother pushed me so much harder in my life.”

Pablo said his parents have been influential in his career, too. “I am very close to my parents and couldn’t thank them enough for pushing and motivating me to get to where I am at today,” he said.

Pablo said he has experienced a similar foundation of learning and motivation in the hangar in DAY. “What I like best about my job now is getting my hands dirty, doing big jobs on our aircraft, but most importantly learning about the systems that keep these aircraft in the air,” he said. All the coworkers I’ve worked alongside and learned from here have built a great foundation for me as a mechanic. “It’s been a great experience.”

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