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Celebrating Global Diversity Month with Trinni Forbes

January 10, 2023

Celebrating Global Diversity Month with Trinni Forbes

October marks Global Diversity Awareness month and as our team works to connect people every day, they are interacting with customers and team members from diverse backgrounds and cultures. On a recent trip, Trinni Forbes, a PHL-based Flight Attendant, noticed during the crew briefing that each of his team members had a different accent, leading him to learn that they were all from a different country.

Growing up in the Twin Island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, Trinni was drawn to the aviation industry for his love of traveling and interacting with other nationalities.

“I am a lover of all people and I had a desire to lend a helping hand and assist others while providing a great and satisfying experience,” said Trinni. Along his career journey, Trinni reflects on his experiences and interactions noting, “I have had the pleasure to learn about other cultures and share the story of my country.”

The aviation industry is a melting pot of backgrounds, communities and cultures. In an industry that works to bring people together, sharing stories and embracing our diversity allows us to connect, build rapport and create meaningful experiences both in and out of the aircraft.

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