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Celebrating A Successful Relationship- PSA Visits Bombardier

February 6, 2015

Celebrating A Successful Relationship- PSA Visits Bombardier

On February 4th, 40 employee winners of PSA’s Trip to Bombardier contest took the journey to Mirabel, Canada to tour the Bombardier factory and celebrate the acceptance of the 19th CRJ900 NextGen into the PSA fleet.

PSA previously visited the Bombardier facility in June of last year, for the Delivery Ceremony of the 1st CRJ900 NextGen of American Airlines’ order of 30 new Bombardier aircraft to be operated by PSA. This week’s visit celebrated the midpoint milestone in deliveries hit in January of this year.

First the employees were treated with a tour of the Bombardier factory, getting the opportunity to see multiple CRJ900’s in various stages of assembly- many of which will be being delivered to PSA in the coming months. Bombardier representatives showed employees through the CRJ900 wing and fuselage assembly area as well as the area of the factory currently holding complete CRJ900 and CSeries aircraft being prepared for testing.

After the tour, the official Delivery Ceremony commenced. “Today we are celebrating a successful relationship,” remarked Gary Dixon, sales director for Bombardier Aerospace during the ceremony held directly in front of PSA’s newest 900. And the day was just that, a celebration. Bombardier and PSA representatives alike spoke of the long and successful relationship between PSA and Bombardier as well as the impact the inclusion of these CRJ900s have had on PSA’s growth.

Following the ceremony, PSA employees were treated to a celebration event held at ICAR, a racing company near the Bombardier campus. The elaborate event featured champagne, a delicious selection of hors devours and entrees, live music from a band featuring an electric harp, and entertainment in the form of three acrobats mingling with guests and livening everyone’s photo ops. The Bombardier team celebrated alongside the PSA group, toasting to the flourishing partnership and even providing gift bags for each participant before their departure.

PSA’s celebrations continued on the flight home in the company’s newest CRJ900 NextGen. President Dion Flannery toasted the delivery flight and before long employees were treated with amusements like “flight attendant karaoke,” line dances down the aisle, and the grading of Captain McGahee’s landing on a 1 to 10 scale, just to name a few.

Overall the day was one full of celebration for all that PSA has achieved in the last year and for all that will continue to be achieved at the growing airline. See photos of the event on PSA’s Facebook and Flickr pages.

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