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Captain Turns Delay into Memorable Experience for Kids

January 10, 2023

Captain Turns Delay into Memorable Experience for Kids

Delays can be tough on customers and team members alike. Through a recent act of care and generosity, Captain Brian Schefold turned a delay in Cleveland (CLE) into a unique experience for children and their parents on the flight.

The aircraft Captain Schefold was set to take to Charlotte experienced a maintenance issue that would require a replacement jet to be flown in from Dayton. Knowing the delay would be lengthy, Captain Schefold offered to give private tours of the cockpit to the children waiting.

He changed their perspective from not understanding why they had to wait, to one of awe and amazement, said Daniel Patterson, an American Customer Service Agent.

More than 16 children were able to view the cockpit and learn more about aviation from Brian.

“He patiently spent quality time with each one of them, personally explaining how things worked in the cockpit and certainly made them fascinated with the airline industry in a way that they won’t ever forget,” said Daniel.

Daniel said the parents were very thankful and commented on what a positive difference it made for all of them.

Captain Schefold’s actions exemplify The PSA Way, showing how caring for our customers can make a big impact and leave them with a positive experience.

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