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Arab American Heritage Month: Senior Recruitment Marketing Specialist Yakin Ouederni

April 30, 2024

Arab American Heritage Month: Senior Recruitment Marketing Specialist Yakin Ouederni

Arab American Heritage Month honors the arts, culture, traditions, history, and contributions of Arab American people in the United States. We spotlight our team members who show how our different backgrounds contribute to the company culture and drive The PSA Way.

In honor of Arab American Heritage Month, Senior Recruitment Marketing Specialist Yakin Ouederni shared her journey to aviation and the cultural traditions and customs she cherishes the most.

What is your heritage and ethnicity?

I am Tunisian-American. While I was born here in North Carolina, my parents were born and raised in Tunisia, a small country located in North Africa. Tunisians speak Arabic, and our heritage is a mix of Arab and North African cultures and traditions. Because Tunisia is on the Mediterranean Sea, we also share many cultural similarities with places like Italy, Greece, and Spain.

What was your journey to aviation and PSA?

I’ve had an interest in aviation since I was a child. My parents are travel geeks, and I spent a lot of my life moving from one country to another. The importance of travel was instilled in me very early on, so I’ve always had a deep fascination with the industry. My dad is an engineer, and there isn’t a flight we’d get on where he wouldn’t explain to us the aircraft type and the mechanics of how planes work.

Despite all of that, I was never exposed to the corporate side of aviation and hadn’t thought that there was a job in the industry that would align with my career goals. I stumbled upon an opening with PSA’s marketing team, and one thing led to the next. Now I’m here! In just two years, I’ve learned so much about the business side of aviation and all the behind the scenes work that goes into it. There are so many opportunities for people from all professions and backgrounds to find their place in aviation.

What are some Arab cultural traditions or customs you hold dear?

The Arab world is so large and diverse, and many customs and traditions are tied to specific religions and regions. However, we all share a love for social gatherings, family, and especially food. Arab culture is deeply rooted in communal values where the concept of community and the centrality of family really form the fabric of our everyday life. While that may have some limitations here in the U.S., we still try to uphold these customs through things like shared meals, community gatherings, and prioritizing family and friend visits.

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