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AAPI Heritage Month Spotlight: Destiny Siguenza: ‘I always dreamed of working in aviation’

January 10, 2023

AAPI Heritage Month Spotlight: Destiny Siguenza: ‘I always dreamed of working in aviation’

Hafa Adai!

My name is Destiny Siguenza, I am a Coast Guard Veteran and a native to an island in the Pacific called Guahan (Guam). I spent much of my life in the jungle, swimming in our rivers, barbecuing on the beach, and living off the land and the sea. Our island is 27 miles long and 7 and a half miles wide. Imagine the culture shock I experienced moving to the states.

In 2012 my mom asked me to move to Texas to help my sister raise her son while her husband was deployed. In my culture family is everything, so without question- I packed a suitcase and made the 27 hour flight to a new and very different life. Shortly after I moved I became a competitive powerlifter. Who knew helping my mom unload 50 pound bags of rice for our family, spending much time working with my dad and eating all the island food would get me strong enough to compete at a national level. A few years later I met my significant other through the sport. He resided in Dayton, Ohio and I eventually moved here in 2015.

I was met with yet another culture shock. This island girl was not prepared for the seasons in Ohio! Unlike Texas, I could not go the entire year wearing board shorts, t-shirts, and zories (Flip flops). Nope. I quickly learned that wearing 3 layers, thick socks and boots was the only way I would survive the winters.

During my integration into midwest life I worked few places trying to find the role and company that fit me best. In one of those roles I was promoted to a corporate recruiter. Though this promotion was unexpected, this is where my passion for helping others find a career path began.

Fast forward to September of last year, I received news from back home that my father was very ill. I had to try to find the financial means to return to the island. I sat on my laptop looking for flights and I soon realized going home was not an option as the cost of the tickets were not feasible for me and my family.

As I sat there feeling defeated, I wished I worked for an airline. I always dreamed of working in aviation, especially in this moment. After giving up the search for tickets, I decided to look up airline jobs. I found one and the link to the PSA post had expired. Assuming the role was filled, I figured it just wasn’t in the cards for me. I closed my laptop and went about my day.

A few hours later I received a message on LinkedIn from our now Assistant Director of Talent Management, Andrew. He inquired if I would be interested in hearing about a recruiting role with PSA Airlines.

I was so excited and shocked that I was shaking. I mean, what are the odds? I applied within the hour and started my process to joining the team. Working with PSA has been an absolute dream. I love the team I work with, the company and the culture here. I love what I do. Simply because that phone call or email could be another me hoping for a chance.

These days, you can find me non revving to fish in different states, experiencing local food spots in new cities, and going on random adventures. I am happy to say that though I was not able to go home last year for my father, I will be returning this year to be with my family for his one year anniversary thanks to PSA!

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