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AAPI Heritage Month Spotlight: A Family of Flight: Captain Paolo Alisasis

January 10, 2023

AAPI Heritage Month Spotlight: A Family of Flight: Captain Paolo Alisasis

In 2008, Captain Paolo Alisasis began his aviation career at Kent State University where he pursued an Aeronautics degree, along with his flight certificates. Aviation has been a part of Paolo’s entire life because of his father, Joel.

“In 2008 when I chose to start my career in aviation, he made sure I understood the steps I needed to take to get to the airlines,” said Paolo. “He explained how rough the industry can be, but also how rewarding it is in the long run.”

Paolo’s father began his airline career with Philippine Airlines in 1987. After nine years with Philippine Airlines, he made the decision to move his family to the United States and began his training in California. He later began his U.S. commercial aviation career as an airline pilot at US Airways. After the events of 9/11, Joel came to PSA for three years, before eventually becoming an Airbus Captain with American.

“Following in my dad’s footsteps has definitely been a bonding experience,” he said. “I’ve gained a better understanding of what he has gone through in his career, as well as the unique dynamics of having someone in your household in the airline industry. From starting a new life in a new country, to harmonizing the difficult work/life balance as a pilot, while having been a commuter for so many years. I am forever grateful for all the work and sacrifice he has made for our family.”

After graduating from Kent State, Paolo spent time flight instructing in Pensacola before beginning with PSA in 2014.

In this constantly moving career, Paolo stays focused on his goals of flying at American with his father and credits adaptability as the key to success.

“Whether it is learning a new aircraft or procedures, joining a new company, or meeting new people on work trips, being able to adapt ensures a long career in just about any field I can think of,” he said.

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