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24 More!

February 17, 2015

24 More!

“PSA Airlines has been selected by American Airlines to operate 24 new Bombardier CRJ900 NextGen aircraft. This aircraft assignment to PSA follows American exercising 24 of its 40 CRJ900 NextGen aircraft options. The options were originally acquired as part of American’s large regional jet order announced in December 2013.”

See the Press Release in its entirety here.

PSA Airlines is currently two-thirds of the way complete with the delivery of the 30 Bombardier CRJ900 NextGen aircraft order. With an upcoming transfer of 47 CRJ700s and, now, an order of 24 additional CRJ900 NextGens, PSA Airlines is the fastest growing regional carrier today.

What does it mean to be the fastest growing regional airline?

Employees, partners, and every other witness to PSA’s growth in 2014 can attest to the rapid hiring of 50 to 60 pilots and flight attendants each month, the delivery and in-servicing of up to three brand new aircraft each month, the planning and implementation of new infrastructure, equipment, and processes throughout the network, and the continuing performance as a cost-effective and reliable regional service for American Airlines. This order reflects that success through American’s evident trust in PSA’s ability to maintain this performance throughout its growth into a 150 total aircraft fleet by mid-2017.

What does this “24 More” announcement mean for PSA?

  • As other regional carriers scale back, “24 More” means that PSA will begin to surpass what were once much larger airlines. In 2013, PSA operated 49 aircraft. By mid 2017 this number will have more than tripled and options for additional aircraft remain outstanding.
  • Robust pilot hiring will continue as PSA maintains its competitive advantage as the best career advancement opportunity for regional pilots. Along with the quickest upgrade to captain in the industry- a rapid path to line holder, very low reserve times, and the ability to quickly be awarded one’s preferred domicile is in store for pilots coming aboard at PSA during this time of growth.

What “24 More” Does not mean: Any change in the utilization of PSA’s Current CRJ200s

  • CRJ200’s will continue to be re-painted in the new American livery as testament to their solid future in the PSA fleet. PSA has long term lease and ownership commitments on CRJ200s and neither PSA nor American Airlines have current plans to retire them.


PSA’s fleet growth has resulted in more than 700 newly hired employees in the past year and a multitude of career and advancement opportunities for every workgroup. PSA’s pilot training program is recognized as one of the industry’s best, preparing crew members for a career with a rapidly expanding fleet of regional jets. The company’s 1,900 employees currently operate nearly 400 daily flights to more than 80 destinations.

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