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2020: The Year of Healthy Traveling

January 9, 2023

2020: The Year of Healthy Traveling

Travel-size toothpaste? Check. Sunscreen? Check. Cough medicine…check?

Traveling for business or personal can be a great time for reflecting and recharging. But oftentimes, we find ourselves under the weather while on our trip or as soon as we make it back home. This year, take control of your health. Check out some of our favorite ways to stay healthy while traveling featuring a few tips from our followers on social media!

1) Make sure to get plenty of rest

2) Pack a first-aid kit – “I stay healthy by taking a Vitamin C, Echinacea, and B12. This combination helps boost my immune system.” – advice from @msporsche5

3) Prepare for the time zone change in advance

4) Walk, walk, walk – “I would walk around the city or go on a hike.” – advice from @yow_aviation

5) Use the resources available to you – “As a pilot, it’s good to use hotel gyms on overnights.” – advice from @jwende924

6) Bring your nutrition with you – “Always carry protein powder and a shake for inflight. 5lbs of oranges every trip.” – advice from @bryanr172

7) Sanitize – pack disinfectant wipes for your airplane seat and hand sanitizer for yourself

8) Keep healthy decision making in the forefront – “I motivate myself to be true to the lifestyle change I made by reminding myself daily of all the positive things that have happened to me. I want to stay healthy so I can enjoy my life.” – @jeremy_karyl

Wherever your travels may take you, stay happy and healthy with these tips!

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