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PSA’s First CRJ-700 Re-Paint Complete

paint collage

PSA has officially begun the journey towards an entire American Eagle livery with the completion of our first US Airways Express re-branding into the new AA livery. PSA Airlines is in the process of sending each of their 14 aircraft from their current CRJ 700 fleet to be stripped of the US Airways Express paint and re-painted in the American Eagle livery.

The first of these aircraft was sent to be painted on August 30th. The entire fleet of 700s is anticipated to be painted by late January of 2015.

Each aircraft is sent to Indianapolis individually. They undergo a stripping and sanding process to remove every inch of the old paint. Then 55 pounds of paint- primer, paint and clear coat- is added. The entire process takes 8 days to complete.

Be sure to view photos from the whole process on PSA’s Flickr Here

American Airlines Group to Transfer 47 Bombardier CRJ-700 Aircraft to PSA Airlines

“American will begin transferring 47 Bombardier CRJ-700 aircraft from Envoy to PSA, allowing each airline to more efficiently focus their operations on a single aircraft type –Embraer aircraft at Envoy and Bombardier aircraft at PSA. Consolidating our fleets will lower costs for American Airlines Group and simplify the regional feed for our mainline operations.” – Kenji Hashimoto, senior vice president – regional carriers

Beginning mid-2015, PSA will commence the induction of the 47 additional Bombardier CRJ-700s, further expanding its fleet of Bombardier jets. While the exact dates and the rate at which these planes will transfer to PSA are not yet determined, the transfer of aircraft from Envoy is anticipated to be complete by the end of 2016.

To date, PSA has taken delivery of 6 of the 30 Bombardier CRJ 900 NextGen aircraft, previously awarded by American Airlines. Delivery of these aircraft will continue at a rate of 2 to 3 aircraft a month until completion in mid 2015- when the transfer of these CRJ-700s will commence. Consequently, PSA’s current rate of hiring for regional pilots, flight attendants, A&P mechanics, and other positions will persist throughout 2016 to allow for the continued expansion of the airline. To see current PSA opportunities, visit

PSA Meets ‘Youth Works’ Interns

PSA Flight Attendant Trainees shared their training experience this morning as two interns from the Montgomery County Summer Youth Works Program joined them during their emergency procedures drills training.

Interns, Emsley 14 and Erin 16, participate in the Youth Works Program that provides summer employment and training opportunities for youth of Montgomery County, Ohio. The program was started in 2009 and has grown to offer nearly 2,000 young people invaluable employment opportunities and job readiness skills training.

These young ladies are wrapping up their summer internship at the DaytonInternationalAirport in the Director of Aviation’s office. They assisted airport personnel during PSA’s OCC Ground Breaking Ceremony on Tuesday where they met Director of Inflight Services Debra Hoke who invited them back for an opportunity to observe and participate in Flight Attendant training for a day.

During emergency evacuation drills practice, conducted in PSA’s cabin trainer at the MarkJ.ZweidingerLearningCenter, Emsley and Erin observed flight attendant procedures for the handling of both planned and unplanned emergencies. “It was so interesting to watch the trainees do the drills,” stated Erin. When offered to perform the drills themselves, both were ready and willing and did a spectacular job working together and evacuating their passengers! Emsley described the experience as “really fun! I wasn’t sure about it at first, but it was really fun!”

Thank you to Emsley and Erin for being our guests. We wish them good luck with their remaining time in the program!