The Faces of PSA – Meet Jake and Janet Schul

267365_489777427713721_923029235_nTitle: Aircraft Maintenance Controllers

Location: Dayton, OH

How long have you worked for PSA? It will be 17 years this year! August for Jake and September for Janet.

How long have you been in the airline industry? Since 1997.

Give us a brief overview of what you do: We help crews with calls they have on line during the day with aircraft discrepancies. If we can’t fix with the crew, we get our mechanics out if at a base or contact outstation mechanics and walk them through fixing the aircraft.

What are some of your hobbies? We love boating, fishing, and anything outdoors. And family time with our almost 8-year-old daughter, Kylie. June 10th is her birthday.

What do you love about working for PSA? We love that we can come to work and everyday will be different from the next.

Why would you recommend PSA? It’s a great place to get your start in aviation. Or even if you plan on staying in aviation for your career.

What has been the most rewarding part of your job? Getting passengers to their destination.

The Faces of PSA – Meet Randy Fusi

FacesofPSA-RandyFusiTitle: Vice President Safety, Security and Regulatory Compliance

Location: Dayton, OH

Brief job description: I lead an exceptional team of well-educated, motivated safety professionals that come to work every day with the goal of making PSA a safer place. Their passion for safety inspires me.

How long have you’ve been with PSA? I’m in my 12th year.

How long have you been in the airline industry? 25 years

Favorite place you’ve traveled: Paris! Without a doubt.

What you like most about working at PSA: The people of course. Best group of people I’ve ever worked with.

Hobbies: Racing! I’ve raced since I was 14 years old. Started with motocross and flat track motorcycles, then road racing motorcycles. I then switched to mini sprints and sprint cars. Eldora Speedway is a very intense place! 140 MPH on a half-mile dirt track. Nowadays, I race the Sport Car Club of America’s Spec Miata Series at tracks like Mid Ohio, Road Atlanta and Roebling Road. I also love to ride my Harley Davidson motorcycle.

Why would you recommend PSA? It’s a stable, well-run airline with a passionate group of employees.

Something about your role that most people don’t know: When I took this position, the president at the time told me I needed to become the company’s conscience. I took that to heart. I make sure the company does “The right thing.”

Most rewarding part of your job? Leading the change in culture. We have a true safety culture at PSA now. I’m very proud of that.

Something no one knows about you: I used to be a dairy farmer! We milked 105 cows twice a day. We also raised 150 heifers on contract at the same time. It gave me a new perspective on what hard work and long hours really mean. I know it’s hard to believe now, but I got really skinny when I had the farm.

PSA Airlines Rolls Out Enhanced Compensation Package for Pilots

13010647_1013764358703618_7039741924093706547_n (1)PSA Airlines today announced two important improvements in its efforts to provide an enhanced compensation package to attract the best and brightest pilots in commercial aviation. The airline will be instituting a First Officer retention bonus and a competitive commuter policy. These valuable additions enhance PSA’s existing industry-leading employment opportunities which offer the highest quality of life in the regional industry and a true pilot flow program to American Airlines.

PSA will be rolling out a one-time $20,000 bonus to all active First Officers which will be retroactively effective May 1, 2016. This retention bonus will be paid in quarterly installments of $2,500 until upgrade to Captain, or the earlier of 24 months. This bonus is another example of how PSA pilots benefit from the stability that comes with PSA employment and the well-defined fleet and growth plan as a wholly owned regional carrier of American Airlines.

In addition, PSA is also instituting a generous enhancement to our commuter policy, providing a $250 monthly allowance that all pilots may use, at their discretion, to offset the cost of commuting hotel expenses.

As a thriving carrier owned by the largest airline in the world, PSA has a defined and committed fleet and growth plan, playing a critical role in American’s long-term regional network. Since 2013, PSA has doubled its size from 49 aircraft to more than 100 aircraft today and will continue to grow to operate 150 Bombardier CRJ aircraft. As a result of this established plan, PSA is poised to hire more than 500 pilots per year over the next several years.

Pilot Success Story – Meet First Officer Amanda Keck

Amanda 2Throughout most of Amanda Keck’s youth, she had aspirations of becoming a dentist — until she met a female pilot who asked her to babysit her children. The more the mom traveled, the more babysitting Amanda did and the more Amanda fell in love with the idea of traveling the world and becoming a pilot herself.

Growing up obsessed with Purdue University, when Amanda found out they had a flight program, it was almost too perfect. She was flying nonstop since the second day of classes. Amanda worked at Purdue and her home airport as a flight instructor in order to build her flight time and as soon as she met all of the hour requirements, she applied to regional airlines, including PSA.

“Once I had my interview in Charlotte with PSA, I knew that was the airline for me,” said Amanda. She was drawn mostly by the trajectory of growth, the flexibility with scheduling and the travel benefits. “The industry is moving rapidly. (PSA) is hiring because of growth, not recouping.”

For Amanda, a flexible schedule has allowed her to live in Chicago, yet be based in Charlotte. “I can live in the city I want to,” said Amanda. “With full American Airlines travel benefits and 18 flights a day (between Chicago and Charlotte), it makes it easy. I am very family-oriented and to be able to be close to family is huge.”

Amanda has been with PSA since September, 2014 and is looking forward to flow to American. “It’s a guarantee hire. You’re already part of the team,” she said.

Being a female pilot in the male-dominated field is tough, she said, but it’s a career that’s no more difficult as a female than as a male. She has experienced the challenges of excelling in a male-dominated field. She has a third-degree black belt and won a Junior Olympic gold medal in karate.

As a mentor to younger female pilots, she encourages them to keep going because the career is so rewarding. Amanda is involved with the Women in Aviation program and has formed some extremely close bonds to fellow female pilots and said that “Friendships make all the difference.”

Amanda loves the close-knit community at PSA. “Everyone is so friendly. The crew rooms are filled with people I know and you can’t help but form friendships.” When asked about her most memorable moment, Amanda replied she doesn’t have just one, but a cluster of them, between site-seeing and overnights with colleagues. “These are friendships formed for life,” she said.