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Pilot Retention Bonus Program

Pilot Retention Bonus Program
Your guaranteed path to American Airlines just got better with our Pilot Retention Bonus Program, valued at up to $150,000.
Pilot Retention Bonus Program

What is the PSA Pilot Retention Bonus Program?

PSA is introducing an industry-leading Pilot Retention Bonus Program which allows current and future pilots to earn up to $150,000 in bonuses.

The most lucrative and stable path to the world's largest airline.

In addition to the highest compensation in the regional industry, PSA offers pilots a world-class training program, career advancement opportunities and comprehensive benefits few other regional airlines can match.

Retention Bonus Graphic
  • $30,000 upon upgrade from First Officer to Captain at PSA.
  • $70,000 at the time of flow or direct hire at American.
  • Up to an additional $50,000 earned and paid at the time of flow or direct hire at American, based on eligible years of service