PSA’s First CRJ-700 Re-Paint Complete

paint collage

PSA has officially begun the journey towards an entire American Eagle livery with the completion of our first US Airways Express re-branding into the new AA livery. PSA Airlines is in the process of sending each of their 14 aircraft from their current CRJ 700 fleet to be stripped of the US Airways Express paint and re-painted in the American Eagle livery.

The first of these aircraft was sent to be painted on August 30th. The entire fleet of 700s is anticipated to be painted by late January of 2015.

Each aircraft is sent to Indianapolis individually. They undergo a stripping and sanding process to remove every inch of the old paint. Then 55 pounds of paint- primer, paint and clear coat- is added. The entire process takes 8 days to complete.

Be sure to view photos from the whole process on PSA’s Flickr Here