PSA Meets United Way Fundraising Goal & Announces Raffle Winners

PSA Team Members,

Thank you for your commitment to the success of this year’s United Way Donation Drive. PSA’s total contribution has now surpassed our goal of donating $20,000 to our communities and I am personally very proud of the sacrifice each of you have shown throughout the donation drive.

It is my pleasure to announce this year’s winners of the United Way Raffle. We hope each of you enjoy your prizes and thank you again for your generosity.

PSA United Way Raffle Winners

PSA United Way Raffle Winners


$25 Gift Card                                  46″ LED Samsung SmartTV      $50 Gift Card
Safety Specialist Alex Marshal      Pilot Trainee Alex Ramirez     Pilot Trainee Damian Rodriguez 



Dion Flannery, PSA President