PSA Employees Go Above & Beyond

Our employees at PSA really know what it’s like to go Above & Beyond when it comes to satisfying our customers. This is why we, along with US Airways and now, American Airlines Group Inc., take pride in recognizing these frontline employees each quarter.

US Airways’ Above & Beyond program and American Airlines’ Applause program have joined together to form one rewards program that allows both frequent flyers and employee leaders to identify customer-facing employees that have done an exceptional job caring for our customers.

2013’s PSA employee nominations for the A&B awards, as well as general customer compliments, show growth from already-impressive 2012 numbers. Other various categories help us internally recognize great targets met by our crew each year such as Flight Attendant perfect attendance (Tracy Krueger, Patrick O’Conner, Lisa Ridgeway, Liz Sagraves, Jason Spann, Ken Todd, Sonia Turner, and Sandra Wilson), Flight Attendant of the Year Award (Kim Williams) awarded by fellow flight attendants, and flight attendants recognized by the Safety department for providing outstanding safety service (Becky Black, Roger Dunn, Diane Lyons, Adam Jones, Lisa Ponce-Mieles, and Michelle Spangler).

Take a look below for some impressive statistics and PSA employees that spent 2013 going Above & Beyond.

2012 2013
Above & Beyond Nominations 874 1175

The following employees are monetary winners in the Above & Beyond program for the 4th quarter of 2014 and the employees with the most nominations in 2013. Congratulations!  

4th quarter 2014 Winners
Brenda Poe, FA
Susan Bosscawen, FA
Scott Brooks, Pilot-CA
Floyd Dingman, FA
Tiffany Barriner, FA
Melanie Champagne, FA
Octavis Covington Jr., FA
Deborah Drinnon, FA
Patricia Fisher, FA
Michael Jenson, Pilot-CA
Carly Suggs, FA
Most Nominated Employees in 2013
Gwen Terry 45
Patrick O’Conner 24
Robin Northrup 23
Darlene Lowman 22
Kimberly Robeson 22
Brittnie Simmons 20
Loveisha Ortiz 19
Pat Fisher 18
Joanne Dinkelacker 17
Kathy Stinnett 17

Congratulations to all of these employees and all of our employees that went Above & Beyond this year.

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