PSA Airlines and Bombardier Meet for Acceptance and Delivery Kickoff

A CRJ-900 Program Review Meeting was held on Wednesday, January 29th at the PSA Airlines Corporate Headquarters in Dayton, Ohio. Management staff from PSA met with a team from Bombardier to commence the planning process for the acceptance, delivery and entry into service of the first of 30 CRJ-900 “NextGen” aircraft. These new aircraft are slated to begin operation in July of this year.

On the agenda for this meeting were topics covering aircraft configuration, special features, technical specifications, acceptance and delivery process, as well as a briefing on all available support services provided by Bombardier. PSA also received detailed information regarding the cabin layout, interior furnishings and colors, seat types, exterior paint details, and delivery dates.

The meeting was a great success for all attendees and was fruitful in progressing the planning and management of PSA’s aircraft acceptance and delivery project. The kickoff meeting also presented the opportunity for essential personal interaction between key PSA staff and Bombardier’s customer service personnel

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