Maintenance Planning Department

The aviation industry has many jobs that don’t require being on an aircraft or even to fix it. Below is a snapshot of our Maintenance Planning Department whose primary job is to schedule overnight maintenance on our aircraft at all our maintenance bases.

Department size: 14 (3 positions currently open).

Positions: Manager, Supervisor, Senior Planner, Planners.

Hours of Operation: 20 hours a day (5 a.m. to midnight), 7 days per week.

Locations: Dayton Maintenance hangar and OCC.

What does the department do: Create the nightly work schedule for all overnight maintenance bases with the PSA system.

Number of aircraft on the scheduled maintenance plan daily: 23 of 124 aircraft are scheduled nightly to handle 124 operational aircraft.

Types of service checks: Flight hour/ Calendar checks, ranging from 3-day intervals to 72-month inspections for each fleet type. In addition, there are more than 250 individually tracked task for each fleet type. Most of these are tracked manually by running due reports from the current Maintenance and Engineering system.

Manuals used: GMM and IPM (general maintenance manual and the Inspection Program Manual).

Department goal: In order to meet right start times, each aircraft is strategically planned for its overnight. Aircraft have restrictions on the type and level of maintenance that can be done during a particular overnight visit. An aircraft being at a maintenance base does not mean a particular portion of the aircraft was inspected or a particular item was fixed while at the base.

Working alongside: Coordinates with Maintenance Production, Material Planning, Maintenance Control and Flight Control to ensure the maintenance plan can be executed.

We are hiring positions in all aspects of our Maintenance operation. Check out the list here.