PSA Hiring Update; Record-Breaking Year’s Hiring Rate to Continue

After multiple announcements in 2013 and 2014, PSA’s hiring is currently at an all time high! Last December, the new American Airlines Group announced an order for 30 CRJ900’s to be operated by PSA, followed by an announcement in September that 47 CRJ700s would be transferred to PSA as well.

These announcements led to hiring numbers remaining at record highs throughout 2014 in order to meet demands of this expanded fleet; filling large training classes of first officers, captain upgrades, and flight attendants, as well as many non-crew positions, to prepare for the additional aircraft.

Our expanded employee base now includes crew members, maintenance technicians, dispatchers, instructors, and other aviation professionals including Director and Manager roles. These areas will continue to be hiring throughout 2015! Information on these various open positions can be found on our job board.

Crew hiring specifically saw pilot classes of upwards of 35 starting every two weeks and similarly large flight attendant classes every 2 weeks.¬†Anticipated quick upgrade times are coming to fruition as current PSA first officers are being awarded captain upgrade classes every couple of weeks. Along with the quickest upgrade to captain in the industry- a rapid path to line holder, very low reserve times, and the ability to quickly be awarded one’s preferred domicile is in store for pilots coming aboard at PSA during this time of growth.

This rate of hiring will continue throughout 2015- as the CRJ NextGens continue to be put into service and 700’s begin being transferred.

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