Dream on Hold Becomes Dream Come True

Earlier this year, Jessica Henderson thought her dream of working as an airline pilot would have to wait – again.

Then, “the stars aligned” and a program that would transition her from helicopter pilot to commercial airline pilot quickly popped back in the picture.

In March, Jessica became the first to sign on with PSA in our Rotor Transition Program (RTP) at SkyWarrior. This week, she began her Indoc training with our latest group of First Officers.

Jessica’s journey through the program took longer than some RTP graduates because obligations to her Flight Company Command duties ate into time she could have used to gain flight hours. But, she “finally made it” and is now looking at all the possibilities that lie ahead in her new career here at PSA.

Jessica joined the military just after high school and didn’t know what she wanted to do until she went to flight school and her eyes opened to the world of aviation and becoming a pilot. She said she thought to herself, “Wow, that’s what I want to do.” But, as with many aspiring pilots, the reality of cost to make that dream happen sunk in and she “stuffed that dream away.”

Fast forward to earlier this year and the dream looked as if it had to be stuffed away again as one of her original options to transition was stymied. She was attending SkyWarrior already when PSA teamed up with the flight school for our RT Program. Through the program, Jessica was able to ease her mind a bit about the cost (PSA contributes up to $23,000 towards a pilot’s flight time requirements in order for them to achieve their R-ATP) and move closer and closer to her dream.

“The sky’s the limit,” Jessica said. “Keeping my eyes open and looking at all the possibilities.”

Watch Jessica talk about her journey from “rotor head” to PSA pilot: