Dayton Business Journal Exclusive: PSA Airlines hiring 1,000 people in final stage of growth spurt


After more than three years of incremental growth, Dayton-based PSA Airlines Inc. is hitting the final stage of its fleet expansion, meaning another 1,000 hires.

The Dayton-based airline has 2,950 employees and 115 jets in its fleet today, as it approaches a new final fleet of 150 aircraft. Once its fleet reaches that number it will employ nearly 3,700 people, almost four times what it did three years ago, Dion Flannery, president of the company, told me. Between new jobs and backfilling positions, the company will be hiring more than 1,000 pilots and additional employees in the next year.

“We’ve been at this for a while,” Flannery said. “We were an anonymous entity. I’m happy to say that’s not the case anymore. We’ve been building a brand and extending it internally and externally.”

With parent company American Airlines Group pushing it into ever more cities, the once-low-key US Airways regional subsidiary is looking to transform into a national brand, one of 10 regional subsidiaries that fly smaller jets to airports of all sizes around the country.

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