PSA Airlines Breaks Ground on New Operations Control Center

PSA Airlines Breaks Ground on New Operations Control Center

PSA Airlines is expanding its Dayton-based facilities with a new Operations Control Center and began the development phase with a ceremonial ground breaking earlier today. The new OCC will be attached to the East side of the current Mark J. Zweidinger Professional Learning Center, at the Dayton International Airport.

PSA’s current and anticipated growth has necessitated the development of the additional facility. With the 30 additional aircraft inducting to PSA over the next 11 months, additional space is needed for dispatchers, crew schedulers, maintenance controllers, and other operations personnel.

The ceremony included dignitaries and decision makers from the Dayton Community as well as Lieutenant Governor Mary Taylor, Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley, and Sandra Brasington and Glenn Richardson from Governor Kasich’s office.

The construction of the OCC is set to begin this summer and is construction set to complete in early 2015.

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PSA’s First CRJ900 NextGen Goes Into Revenue Service!

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PSA’s 1st CRJ900 NextGen into revenue servive

On Friday July 11th, 2014, PSA Airline’s first CRJ900 NextGen goes into revenue service at 4:00 p.m. EST.

The first revenue flight is a round trip from Charlotte Douglas International Airport to Hunstville International Airport and is serviced by the spectacular crew of Captain Darren Harris, First Officer AJ Zayghami, and Flight Attendants Roger Dunn and Michelle Spangler.

We look forward to our passengers getting to experience our brand new aircraft!

Celebrating 52 Years with US Airways Group; Happy Retirement, Gene Adams!

After 52 Years in the Industry, We Celebrate the Retirement of Gene Adams from PSA Airlines.

Gene Adams, PSA’s Assistant Director of Station Operations and Security, retires this week from a 52 year career within the US Airways Group (Now American)- with the last 12 years at PSA Airlines. His experience in all facets of station operations throughout the years has been invaluable to the success of our airline. From his time at various US Airways carriers, through many mergers and acquisitions, Gene has taken part in everything from passenger reservations, customer service, ramp operations, and managing various station operations, to his last responsibilities of working with stations operations for assistance and compliance and directing PSA’s security operations.

Throughout Gene’s career he has either been located at, or traveled to, most stations in the US Airways system. Along the way he has made many friends and acquaintances. Quite a career!

We wish Gene the best of luck and will miss him greatly. No one will fill his shoes quite like he did!

Thank you for every year of your hard work and dedication.  

D0- Are You Ready?

D0- Are You Ready?

Article by American Airlines Corporate Communications

At PSA Airlines we strive to uphold our legacy carrier’s reputation for timely departures. Our Performance Incentive Program allows our employees to be rewarded for this effort when 69% of our monthly flights are on time. American Airlines describes the further impact our efforts and shortcomings have on operations.

Departing on time is at the forefront of running a reliable operation. And it all starts with being ready- planes are maintained and ready to go, we have the right people and the right equipment in place at the right time, we follow our countdown to departure, and we take accountability for compliance and consistency. In doing so, we’ll depart, and arrive, on time, bags will arrive when customers do, and our customers will continue to choose our reliable airline.

To help us depart on time, we aligned legacy American and legacy US Airways airport, flight service and flight teams countdown to departure on June 1. A critical element of our procedure is closing jetbridge doors 10 minutes prior to departure (D-10) and aircraft doors five minutes prior (D-5). Holding the flight for that one remaining customer may seem harmless enough, but it can cause a far greater number of people to be inconvenienced – other passengers on the flight may misconnect or a crew could time out and impact even more customers. The D-10 door closure guidelines have been in place at US Airways since 2007 and as a result, we led the industry in on-time departures every year from 2009-2013. We are excited to bring the same results to our combined airline.

The timeline takes into consideration all that each group must do prior to departure and includes guidelines on when to do each task so we are more likely to achieve our door close goals. The timeline shows all guideline duties by workgroup, such as pre-boarding announcements, clearing of standby lists, closing of overhead bins and filing of paperwork so employees can see how all the pieces fit together. Certainly there will be times when we won’t meet the door closure goals on every flight, but we’ll improve our dependability across the network by working as a team toward these goals.

The Great Ripple Effect
Just how big of a difference does one delayed flight make? A big one. Although a solitary one-hour delay might seem minor when you’re talking about 6,700 flights a day, it can trigger a ripple effect throughout the system, resulting in thousands of customers misconnecting and mishandled bags. In addition to the inconvenience suffered by our customers, we take a financial hit by reaccommodating customers on other airlines, paying for overnight accommodations and compensating our employees for staying overtime, In short, it’s a very expensive way to run an airline.

Throwback Thursday! Remembering PSA’s Trip to Mirabel

On June 5th, 2014, 40 lucky PSA employees got to participate in the trip to Mirabel, Canada for PSA’s 1st CRJ900 Delivery Ceremony and a Bombardier factory tour! The day was a great celebration for our employees and a chance to get to know colleagues from all over, see where our planes are built, and witness the collective pride and joy that PSA’s hard work has manifested.

When asked to summarize their experience, here is what some of our employees had to say:

“Overall an amazing once in a lifetime experience. I loved every second of it. I will definitely remember the Mirabel trip the rest of my life.” Christopher Sailer, Safety Program Manager

“FANTASTIC, very well done. I was very happy that management was able to allow line employees to participate in this event and appreciate the effort that went into coordinating the occasion.” – Michelle Spangler, Check Flight Attendant/Inflight Training Specialist

“I think I can speak for everyone we were treated like royalty.” – Kevin Peters, Flight Attendant

Here’s what some of our participants say was their favorite parts of the trip:

“The factory tour and interacting with the people at Bombardier who make our airplanes. Also interacting with management personnel and fellow employees.” – Donne Walton, Flight Attendant

“Enjoyed it all. The circus performers at lunch were a pleasant surprise.”- Mark Lakovich, Pilot Instructor

“Being able to tour the factory and have a person explain different parts of what they work on. I thought it was really neat to get to know that side of the company.” -Megan Bicking, Dispatcher

Make sure to view our photos from the Mirabel Trip on Facebook and Flickr and watch the video here!