Faces of PSA- Joe Lindsey

Faces of PSA Joe Lindsey

Name: Joe Lindsey

Title: Maintenance Training Manager

How long have you worked for PSA? It will be 15 years in early October.

How long have you been in the airline industry? Where did you work before PSA? I have worked in aviation since 1994 and been in the airline business since 1998. Before PSA, I spent time working as an aircraft mechanic at Mesa (US Airways Express and America West Express CRJs and ERJs), Emery Worldwide Airlines (Cargo DC-8s and DC-10s), Comair (Delta Connection CRJs), and a few general/corporate aviation companies performing maintenance and painting operations on everything from Cessna 150s to corporate jets.

What brought you to PSA? The Dayton, OH area is home for me. I grew up here. I have literally worked all the way around the Dayton airport at all four aviation centers.

Give us a brief overview of your job responsibilities: I oversee a team responsible for developing, delivering, tracking, and revising initial, recurrent, and ad hoc training for all Maintenance & Engineering staff, Stores staff, and external Maintenance and Fuel Vendors. Training topics range from basic safety to hazardous materials shipping, to the inner workings of the CRJ autopilot system. Training is delivered via formal instructor-led training, computer/web based training, and hands-on on-the-job training.

What is one of the biggest challenges of your job? PSA’s rapid growth and implementing use of the American Airlines Learning Management System known as The Learning Hub. Trying to keep 550+ internal students and over 3,000 vendor personnel trained is no small task, especially considering attrition. The communication and coordination with other departments and vendors that is so vital, it can be overwhelming at times. Thankfully, I am blessed with an amazing team of talented and dedicated staff who make it look easy.

How has the Maintenance Training at PSA evolved over the past couple of years? The department consisted of three instructors and a part-time administrative assistant not too long ago. Currently, we are on our way to a team of 18 staff, including myself, by this time next year. As I type this, we are adding interactive touch screen training in the classroom and expanding our hands-on training capabilities.

Where is your favorite place in which you have traveled? Charlotte Amalie on the Island of St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands. If you go, stay up the hill at the Galleon house bed and breakfast (amazing views) and take the ferry over to the Virgin Islands National Park on St. John’s Island for snorkeling in Trunk Bay.

What are some of your hobbies? I am a husband and father all the way. What time is left I enjoy spending on my motorcycle, running an all-volunteer team of audio technicians where I attend church, anything outdoors, and helping others – Joe’s garage is always open for repairs. Anything from inflating bicycle tires and soccer balls to teaching the neighbor kids how to work on their cars.

What do you love about working for PSA? I like the planes, but I love the people! Happy, sad, mad, excited, I love them all. This business is a team sport and I love the dedication displayed on a daily basis here at PSA. It is tough at times, but we care for each other like family and get it done.

Would you recommend PSA and why? Yes, but I don’t sugar coat it. I caution folks that you will work hard at PSA, but it is worth it. If you enjoy the satisfaction of a little kid’s smile and delight who is boarding their first flight knowing you helped ensure they will arrive safe and on time or the relief on a passenger’s face who is desperate to get home to family in a time of crisis and arrives on time safe and sound, this is the place for you.

Tell us something about your role that most people don’t know: Every once in a while, I still get to play in the Aircraft Wiring Manual helping troubleshoot an aircraft system fault which I love (I’m a nerd) because it is challenging and takes focus. The complexity of the aircraft is a draw for me.

What has been the most rewarding part of your job? Learning new things and watching others grow in their roles here at PSA. It has been tough and downright exhausting at times, but the satisfaction of a project completed at the end of the day or watching one of our jets take off silhouetted by an early morning sunrise as I drive in still makes me proud of the hard-working people here at PSA.

Tell us something no one knows about you: I learned how to barrel role and aileron roll an aircraft before I learned how to land one.


From PSA Cadet to First Officer


PSA is proud to welcome Shayne Zurn, University of North Dakota graduate, as our first Cadet to become a First Officer. He graduated in December of 2016 with a degree in Commercial Aviation and until recently was a flight instructor at the University of North Dakota.

Shayne discovered a passion for aviation while going to airshows around the Midwest at a young age, especially watching the Blue Angels. Shayne’s passion eventually lead him to taking aviation related classed in high school. He decided to attend the University of North Dakota for a degree in an aviation related field.

In 2009 Shayne received his Private Pilot’s license while attending college. He graduated in 2013 with a degree in Air Traffic Control but decided to return to school a year later and get a degree in Commercial Aviation. Shayne took major strides in his goal to become an Aviator in 2016 when he became a Flight Instructor and a PSA Cadet.

As a PSA Cadet, Shayne had the opportunity to attend multiple career takeoff events, be a part of our UND cadet marketing video and was honored by American Airlines as a Distinguished Cadet.

Here are some photos of Shayne’s journey.

We took some time to talk with Shayne about his experience as a cadet.

Why did you decide to join the PSA cadet program?

I decided to join the PSA cadet program to get a better understanding and more insight into PSA Airlines. From talking to the recruiters, I could tell they enjoyed working for PSA. Also, two major benefits stood out to me about the program, including the flow through to American Airlines and the tuition reimbursement.

What has been the most rewarding part of the PSA cadet program?

I really enjoyed getting to know the people that worked for PSA and getting to know cadets at my school as well as cadets at other airlines. The opportunity to share my passion for aviation with others in the industry has been rewarding.

How did the Career Takeoff Events add value to your experience as a PSA cadet?

I really enjoyed the Career Takeoff events. Having the chance to talk with PSA and American Airlines leadership and pilots truly showed how much the company care about the cadets and pilots.

What has it meant to you to have mentors to help guide you throughout this program?

I loved my mentors while I was a Cadet. I formed a close friendship with my first mentor and was sad that I would not be working with her through my entire cadet journey, but was happy to see her move on as a First Officer at American Airlines.

How do you feel the cadet program helped prepare you for your upcoming training as a PSA First Officer?

Having a designated mentor to talk to and other staff at the cadet program really helped relieve some of the stress that goes into preparing for the CTP and First Officer class.

What is your ultimate goal as a pilot?

Ultimately, I would like to become a captain at PSA and then flow to American Airlines. I would love to someday fly international flights in a wide body plane.


Dream on Hold Becomes Dream Come True

Earlier this year, Jessica Henderson thought her dream of working as an airline pilot would have to wait – again.

Then, “the stars aligned” and a program that would transition her from helicopter pilot to commercial airline pilot quickly popped back in the picture.

In March, Jessica became the first to sign on with PSA in our Rotor Transition Program (RTP) at SkyWarrior. This week, she began her Indoc training with our latest group of First Officers.

Jessica’s journey through the program took longer than some RTP graduates because obligations to her Flight Company Command duties ate into time she could have used to gain flight hours. But, she “finally made it” and is now looking at all the possibilities that lie ahead in her new career here at PSA.

Jessica joined the military just after high school and didn’t know what she wanted to do until she went to flight school and her eyes opened to the world of aviation and becoming a pilot. She said she thought to herself, “Wow, that’s what I want to do.” But, as with many aspiring pilots, the reality of cost to make that dream happen sunk in and she “stuffed that dream away.”

Fast forward to earlier this year and the dream looked as if it had to be stuffed away again as one of her original options to transition was stymied. She was attending SkyWarrior already when PSA teamed up with the flight school for our RT Program. Through the program, Jessica was able to ease her mind a bit about the cost (PSA contributes up to $23,000 towards a pilot’s flight time requirements in order for them to achieve their R-ATP) and move closer and closer to her dream.

“The sky’s the limit,” Jessica said. “Keeping my eyes open and looking at all the possibilities.”

Watch Jessica talk about her journey from “rotor head” to PSA pilot:


The Faces of PSA – Meet Hector Sanchez

Hector SanchezName: Hector Sanchez

Title: First Officer

How long have you worked for PSA? I’ve been at PSA 1 year and 9 months.

What brought you to PSA? I came to PSA not just for the upgrade, but for the opportunities. PSA is an airline with growth, not just in its fleet, but all around. Every day new positions become available internally for any employee that wants it. If you want to just fly the line, you can do that, but if you want to be in management or work for the union, it is all possible, too. Furthermore, PSA provides the flexibility I need to work on my other projects and see my family.

How long have you been in the airline industry? I’ve been in the airline industry since June 2013. I first started working for another airline in 2013 where I spent 2½ years working internationally before I came to PSA in November 2015.

Give us a brief overview of what you do: Currently I’m a First Officer based in Charlotte, NC. My job is to aid the captain in all duties related to the operation of the aircraft (preflight, setup, etc.). Also, I’m a Cadet Recruiter and Mentor. I attend school events and recruit future PSA pilots. I also mentor a group of students (cadets) from the moment they enter the program until they become pilots here at the company.

Where’s your favorite place you have traveled? It’s hard to say. I’ve been fortunate in my career to have been able to travel all over North, Central, South America and the Caribbean. Every destination is exciting and has things to see and places to explore.

What are some of your hobbies? Coming from an island, I love the beach, boats, fishing, surfing, etc. I like to watch any kind of sport: basketball, baseball, soccer, golf, etc.

What do you love about working for PSA? Apart from the flexibility and the quality of life I have at the company, I will say its employees. Everyone is very welcoming and you enjoy coming to work. Also, I have the ability not just of flying the line but also recruit and meet new aspiring pilots wanting to enter the aviation industry.

Would you recommend PSA and why? Yes, I will and have recommended PSA. It is a great company with a lot of growth and opportunities. The opportunities to grow professionally without sacrificing quality of life and family are the reason to come to PSA.

Tell us something about your role that most people don’t know: As a first officer, it’s pretty much straight-forward. You basically follow company standard operating procedures (SOP’s). As a recruiter, I get to go on the road and talk to aspiring and seasoned pilots interested in PSA. I also conduct cadet interviews. Once selected for the cadet program, the cadets are divided or put into groups. Each group has a mentor assigned who has the task of helping/mentoring each cadet so they achieve their ultimate goal of becoming an airline pilot.

What has been the most rewarding part of your job? The most rewarding part of my job is meeting new people every day, visiting new destinations and being able to do what I always wanted to do, which was fly. Every day I get to put on that uniform and transport people to their families or work. I get to interact with not just the passengers, but I get to fly with incredible crews. As a mentor, I get to help others achieve their goals of becoming pilots. I see myself in these new aspiring pilots trying to get to the next level. We all know it is not an easy task and takes a lot of dedication, time, and an extensive learning process.

As a recruiter and mentor, what is the most commonly asked question from cadets you interview and/or meet? What I enjoy the most about recruiting and mentoring is that there is no one question, there is usually like a million questions more like it. It is so dynamic and every day the industry changes and new questions arise. Questions about classes and degrees, company-specific questions (PSA), American Airlines questions, logbooks and preparation, check rides, etc. The list keeps going. Imagine one question per cadet around all the schools, it can be lengthy. Here at PSA there is a great team that helps out 24/7 when comes to answering questions. I always try to answer all the questions I can but you always encounter situations where you have to ask for help. Krystal McCoy (HR Cadet and Rotor Transition Program Recruiter) and the Human Resources department do an outstanding job answering all the questions we have. Without them, I couldn’t answer half the questions I get asked every day.

What is the next step you want to achieve in your career?  Currently my next step is to upgrade and achieve what many pilot dreams of, reaching American Airlines. For me to able to reach my goals I must become the most rounded pilot and employee I can be. One day I would like to enter the management side of flying either in the training department, safety department of even chief pilot of VP of Operations. The possibilities are endless, but everything starts with education which allows me to manage the flying environment better.

Tell us something no one knows about you: I have five brothers and sisters. I’m also a current student, completing Master’s degree in Safety. Currently, I’m only 26 years old and already have flown all over America and have a 737 Type-Rating and CRJ Type-Rating.

PSA Launches Brand New Web Store

On August 1, PSA launched a brand new web store. This new mobile-friendly store offers employees quality PSA apparel and accessories that they will be proud to wear and use. To celebrate and promote the launch, we held road show events in Dayton, Cincinnati and Charlotte giving our employees the chance to touch and feel the apparel before they place an order. The store is open to the public, so now anyone can purchase PSA branded items.

Wear the PSA logo with pride. Visit the store today to purchase your favorite PSA gear.

Check out photos from our launch below.