Supreme Dedication to Safety

Safety is our number one priority. PSA continuously passes meticulous audits, reviews, and assessments performed by the FAA, International Air Transport Association, Department of Defense, FAA Safety Management System Program Office, and more.

PSA Airlines is an industry leader in terms of safety.

PSA also encourages internal accountability through our Safety Awards program that highlights and encourages safety on the job by recognizing individuals and departments who have provided outstanding safety service. Other Safety Programs include Flight Operation Quality Assurance (FOQA), Aviation Safety Action Plan (ASAP), and Fatigue Risk Management Plans (FRMP), to name just a few.

PSA is always at the forefront of efficient and timely adaptation in the name of safety, whether it is early compliance of new duty and rest regulations, timely adjustments as a result of audits and assessments, or quick reaction time to any and all airline safety concerns.

PSA continues to lead in terms of development of Safety Management System (SMS). We are the first and only regional airline in the nation to achieve Level 4 status.


L_Bombardier_Evolution_En_K_sRGBNorth American CRJ 700/900/1000 Reliability Award: PSA has won the Reliability Award from Bombardier for four consecutive years for the overall highest dispatch reliability for all operators in North America for the CRJ 700/900/1000 aircraft.

BCA-logo-2008-AirlineReliabilityAward BCA-logo-2009-AirlineReliabilityAwardBCA-logo-2010-AirlineReliabilityAward

BCA-logo-2011-AirlineReliabilityAwardFAA Diamond Award of Excellence: Multi-time winner of FAA Diamond Award of Excellence in FAA Aviation Maintenance Technician Training Program